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A part of your brain shuts off, and then your soul dies.

After working for a a year or so, I believe a part of your brain shuts off. You don’t even realise that you have stopped existing within an involved learning process and information is simply absorbed via osmosis. Yesterday I was faced with a problem at work, and usually I will go to a forum, have a look at how someone else dealt with it and wing it.

This time it was different. I lost track of time working towards the solution and when I walked out of the office, I felt strange. Almost lightheaded, and as I bounced around telling my friend what I had done, I realised this is what being a child was like. Running up to your mother or father, crayon drawing in hand. Or dragging someone to come see the collossal cardboard spaceship you built.

This sense of achievement and pride in my own work was overwhelming. I was already buzzing as I sipped my glass of soda. And as my friend looked at me like I was crazy, I said, “It felt like my brain stretched out, and climbed a small mountain today. It hurts, in a good way.”

But yes, things felt good. I feel like I am learning again, and realise that coasting is no fun. Just sailing through life is wrong. It makes you dumb and miserable and turns your brain into mush. Go learn something.

What has me so excited? Spreadsheets.
I had no idea spreadsheets could run macros, backwork formulae. And even, oh my god, it even has logic functions. I feel silly for having gone so long without knowing how amazing spreadsheets were. No more 10,000 cell arrays to achieve a single result. I am simply amazed. This engineer sure had it wrong all this time. Thinking I needed MATlab and Pipeflow to get the solution.

Since I’m so excited, and will spend the rest of the night researching more fun things I can do with spreadsheets; here are a few links:


Structural Analysis

Solving the simplex Algorithm

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